Thursday 14 January 2016

DAC - 15 : Poster Presentations

Please find the posters from the below link.

Paper Title: VIP Development Techniques – A view into Controlling Features Effectively

Link: VIP_Development_Techniques.pdf

Abstract:  VIPs offer range of benefits including reusability aspects, plug and play features and providing all the necessary hooks and functionalities in a single entity with a standard framework.

The standard framework (Driver, Monitor and Sequencer) has evolved over a decade as part of the methodology developments and enhancements.

We can argue that feature segregation between VIP components depends upon protocols/standards. However there are common aspects which one need to be aware of and are important for controlling the flow of information within and outside the VIP.

This paper presentation highlights some of those techniques focused on ACTIVE path (Interactions between driver and sequence item) of the Verification IP.

Paper Title: Developing Common UVM Testbench for Simulation and Emulation Platforms to Reduce Verification Effort Across Different Abstraction Levels

Link: Abstarction_Levels.pdf

Abstract: Today’s traditional verification flow involves verification at multiple levels of abstraction. So the testbench also needs to be adjusted/modified at different abstractions from transaction-level simulation, RTL simulation to hardware acceleration.

An ideal solution is to make use of an advanced, automated verification environment across different abstraction levels, which helps in enhancing the overall performance gain, productivity and faster verification closure.

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Friday 8 January 2016

DVCON -15 India : A Reusability Combat in UVM : Callbacks vs Factory

Please find the poster at the below  link


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